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Healing through Love
& Connection

Welcome to Divine Light Knight, where Metaphysical healing meets Spiritual connection. Helping you heal and connect through the power of Love.

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Experience /  Training

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Divine Touch Healing Practitioner:  

-- Ongoing monthly group training for over two and a half years.

-- Ongoing personal one on one training numerous times a month.

-- Also, additional Training and Certificates

Magnified Healing Practitioner

Advanced Marconics Practitioner

Arcturian Method Healing Practitioner

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Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King, Jr.

- Martin L


Where Metaphysical healing meets Spiritual connection. I believe in the power of Energy and Spirituality to promote profound healing and transformation.


Divine Touch Healing

Divine Touch Healing is a gentle and loving process that involves releasing ancient emotions that can cause physical and emotional pain, discomfort, and suffering.



Marconics is the Evolution of Energy Healing; a wave of higher dimensional healing frequencies to aid in connecting with your higher self, removing karmic debris. A modality that recalibrates the holographic human template for embodiment of 5D reality and beyond.

But wait, there's more........

Proof that energy healing can work!

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