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Divine Light Knight is a dedicated Lightworker who is here to help, heal and assist others through the power of Love. My mission is to create a bridge between Metaphysical healing and Spiritual connection, to provide the best possible care and guidance to my clients. I believe in the power of love to transform lives and bring joy and peace. I am an experienced and compassionate professional who is committed to providing the highest quality of service to my clients.

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Healing through the Power of Love

Welcome to Divine Light Knight.

Where Metaphysical healing meets Spiritual connection. I believe in the power of Energy and Spirituality to promote profound healing and transformation. With a deep understanding of the Metaphysical realm and a strong intuitive sense, I provide personalized Healing sessions and Spiritual guidance to my clients.

I embrace a natural and holistic approach to healing. Through intuitive guidance, I identify blockages that create unhappiness in our lives. I then work to release and heal those energetic imbalances, bringing about a sense of relief, clarity and personal growth. 

In addition to healing sessions, I have a special ability to connect with Loved ones who have passed on by bridging the gap between the physical and Spiritual realms. I offer solace and comfort by delivering their messages to those seeking closure and connection.

At the core of my practice is a genuine passion for helping others. I approach each client with the utmost dedication and professionalism, striving to create a safe and supportive environment for their healing journey. My goal is to uplift individuals, leaving them in a better state and with a new sense of purpose.

I am happy to answer any questions or give initial insights into your healing journey.


Through the years I had close friends and Loved ones suffering with pain / Illnesses. Then I would see a long road to recovery or fall short of a full recovery. And that bothered me and left me feeling helpless. But somehow, I knew that there had to be another way and more. Another way for better results, for easier healing, and just having them in an overall better position, before, during and after their treatments.

I was always drawn to and used, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Crystals/Crystal healings, Essential oils, and other types of help. But nothing more helpful. I knew that there was something bigger and better, but it had always escaped me.

Fast forward years later. I'm finally getting back to my path. I'm having major opportunities being presented to me. Usually I would take a couple, then either my crazy schedule (constantly working 60-80 hours a week + all of my other responsibilities) or other things in my life, I WOULD normally allow to pull me away and distract me. This time was different. I was hungry for information, new information, and thirsty for a change, to lean more and become better. So, I'm trying to juggle my new passions and opportunities, while still working with the old ways and old habits. And old keys won't open new doors. It's then that I have a major breakthrough. The doors have swung open. And now I have the opportunity to learn about healing Modalities. But now there are so many starting to present themselves. And at the same time I have an accident ( was it?), and long story short, I need a surgery, or I will be in constant pain, and I will either not walk correctly, or may not walk again without assistance. I had already started talking and working with trainers and healers.  It was in that moment I had decided to nosedive into my new path and world. I would work in faith, work on learning new healing Modalities, and work on myself. This is what I always wanted, and time to put up or shut up.  Not only did I refuse the surgery, I also refused the pain killers and otc. help. Then I see and learn how these Modalities help people, from the inside out. How they make a big difference and give hope when nothing was there. And when someone was out of choices, how they can make a difference.  

I am grateful for that accident/ wake up call. Because that was the beginning of the most beautiful things to come.

 My intention is to uplift and heal individuals from pain, trauma, and emotional distress, providing a holistic approach that transcends traditional methods. I'm dedicated to guiding those who seek relief from feelings of depression, sadness, anger, failure, and more towards a state of lasting contentment.

Through my experience in multiple healing modalities and my connection with the Divine, I facilitate the release of unhealed emotions, filling the voids with Unconditional Love.

I am committed to helping individuals experience their highest levels of Joy, Freedom, and Self-Love. Easing fears, regret, shame, and depression etc. 

I am devoted to leading clients on a transformative journey that embodies Unconditional Love.

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